Quarry Products Association of Northern Ireland

Biodiversity Contacts:

Seamus Burns
Lough Neagh Wetlands Biodiversity Officer
Lough Neagh Advisory Group
Tel: 028 7930 1289
E-mail: seamus@lnlb.org.uk
Eleanor Ballard
Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland
Tel: 028 9185 2817
Email: e.ballard@btcv.org.uk
Paul Lynas
Priority Bird Species Co-ordinator
RSPB Northern Ireland
Tel: 028 9069 0832
E-mail: paul.lynas@rspb.org.uk
Mags Bainbridge
Biodiversity Unit, EHS
Tel: 028 9054 6650
E-mail: mags.bainbridge@doeni.gov.uk
Rachel Bain
Ulster Wildlife Trust
Tel: 028 44830282
E-mail: rachel.bain@ulsterwildlifetrust.org
Dr Lizzy Pinkerton
Hills Project Officer
Belfast Hills Partnership
Tel: 028 9060 3466
E-mail: lizzy.pinkerton@belfasthills.org

Local Biodiversity Officers - Councils

Ruth Wilson
Antrim Biodiversity Officer
Antrim Borough Council
Tel: 028 9446 3113
E-mail: ruth.wilson@antrim.gov.uk
Martina Magee
Fermanagh Environment Officer
Fermanagh District Council
Tel: 028 6632 5050
Email: martina.magee@fermanagh.gov.uk
Julie Farrell
Omagh Biodiversity Officer
Omagh District Council
Tel: 028 82256202
E-mail: julie.farrell@ulsterwildlifetrust.org
Catherine Murphy
Mournes Biodiversity Officer
Mournes Heritage Trust
Tel: 028 417 69221
E-mail: catherine.murphy@mourne.co.uk
Mark Edgar
Banbridge Biodiversity Officer
Banbridge District Council
Tel: 028 4062 5101
E-mail: mark.edgar@ulsterwildlifetrust.org
Orla Maguire
Belfast Biodiversity Officer
Belfast City Council
Tel: 028 9066 2259
E-mail: biodiversity@belfastcity.gov.uk
Lindsay Matthews
Newtownabbey & Larne Biodiversity Officer
Newtownabbey Borough Council
Tel: 028 9034 0069
E-mail: lmatthews@newtownabbey.gov.uk
Emma McLaughlin
Coleraine Biodiversity Officer
Coleraine Borough Council
Tel: 028 7034 7272
E-mail: emma.mclaughlin@ulsterwildlifetrust.org
Marcus Malley
Craigavon Biodiversity Officer
Craigavon Borough Council
Tel: 028 383 11672
E-mail: marcus.malley@craigavon.gov.uk





"The preservation of biodiversity is not just a job for governments. International and non-governmental organisations, the private sector and each and every individual have a role to play in changing entrenched outlooks and ending destructive patterns of behaviour"

- Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General on the 2003 International Day of Biological Diversity.

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