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Quarries offer an abundance of opportunities for learning about the world around us.

Visit our interactive website Virtual Quarry to learn more.

Teaching resources available: You will find 20 educational units across key stages 1 – 4 covering science, geography, education for sustainable development and citizenship. All have been written by teachers. You can adapt the standard QCA schemes of work while still meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum. We have also produced a whirlwind tour document specifically for teachers.

Pupils with Quarry Manager Stephen Robinson at Craigs Quarry, Glenwherry (Robinson Quarry Masters) speaks to Ballymena Cambridge House pupils highlighting Key Stage 3 Geography topics.

Quarries play an important part in all our lives; they are places of work and not for play. You should only visit a quarry as part of an organised trip by initiation from the Quarry Manager.

For more information please visit the QPA Stay Safe website.

If your School or local interest group would like a supervised tour of a quarry or talk by a local Quarry Manager please contact us if you would like help or advice on setting up a visit.




VIsit www.virtualquarry.co.uk

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