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QPANI launched its Hard Targets initiative IN 2005. The “Hard Targets“initiative aims to improve the health and safety record of the sector through continuous improvement. Over the next five years the aim is to half the number of accidents. Planned actions and activities in the initiative include:

  • The establishment of “hard target clubs” which will meet locally on a county basis to offer help and assistance to individual members to improve health and safety management. It is intended that clubs will offer a friendly and supportive environment in which members can learn together, share experiences and move towards establishing best practice in health and safety within their own organisations.
  • The introduction of health and safety awards and competitions.
  • Feedback to companies as to how they can improve their health and safety performance.
  • Each member will be encouraged to formulate a specific health and safety action plan.
  • The organisation of workshops and quarry open days to provide practical advice and guidance.


Hard Target Clubs

Co Antrim Hard targets Co Down Hard targets
Co Tyrone Hard targets Co Fermanagh Hard targets
Co Armagh Hard targets Co L Derry Hard targets

It is hoped that the regular feedback received from the hard target clubs will allow the QPANI Health and Safety Committee to identify and focus on particular areas of concern and subsequently formulate strategies and further initiatives to help members reduce risks and improve performance in the areas identified.

The overall business benefits for the industry, and individual companies, by having the hard targets initiative cannot be underestimated. These include reduction in insurance premiums and an improvement in the way that the insurance industry views the quarry products sector. The initiative will also improve the image of the sector and promoting it as a career opportunity to our young people.

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