Quarry Products Association of Northern Ireland
Key Issues
  Objectives and key performance indicators  


  1. To add value to members businesses by giving advice and information on the issues that may impact on their operations.
  2. To work with relevant organisations and individuals to safeguard our members right to operate.
  3. To raise the profile of the Association and promote the key essential role the industry plays in providing essential materials for the economic well being of Northern Ireland.
  4. Collate and deseminate industry statistics to allow members to benchmark their performance against the industry average.
  5. Work within key forums such as the Northern Ireland Construction Group and Construction Industry Forum to protect the interests of the quarry products industry.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Annual Product Production.
  2. Participation in stakeholder groups.
  3. Membership levels.
  4. Number of operations and area of land quarried.


For information on the QPANI Executive Committee please click here.

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