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Health and Safety

The health safety and welfare of our employees and all those who visit our sites is the top priority for members of our Association. The Associations Health and Safety Committee is made up of professionals from member companies who are involved in both safety and production management. The Health and Safety Committee is charged with the responsibility of identifying, discussing, reporting on and monitoring all aspects of Health, Safety and Welfare practices and procedures in the Industry which affect the Association’s members. It endeavours to encourage members to comply with all relevant Health, Safety and Welfare Legislation.

The Committee aims to:

  1. Provide members with all relevant and current Health & Safety information to facilitate a safe and healthy working environment for those in the Industry.
  2. Assist members with any difficulties in the interpretation, understanding, implementation and review of any Health, Safety and Welfare Legislation.
  3. Inform members of their duties and responsibilities towards employees, clients and others who may be affected by their activities, operation and/or products.
  4. Identify training needs and recommend suitable training providers to facilitate safe working
  5. Inform members of relevant safety aspects and best practice methods, which should be considered by them when selecting, designing, constructing, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining premises, plant items, apparatus, machinery and equipment used by them.
  6. Provide members with information on current and pending Health & Safety Guidance Notes. Approved Codes of Practices, British and European Standards as well as European Directives.
  7. Monitor reportable accidents, dangerous occurrences, near misses and the incidence of work related ill health and any other significant instances within the Industry with the view to submitting recommendations to members to allow them to address the primary causes.
  8. Establish and maintain formal and effective consultation arrangements with the QPA(NI) Executive Committee and associated sub-committees.
  9. Liase with Statutory, Professional and Industry based Health, Safety and Welfare agencies and organisations in members’ interest.
  10. Ensure that members views and comments are sought and communicated to the appropriate authority in respect of any consultative documents relating to proposed Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, Codes of Practice, European Directives which will apply to the Industry.
  11. Actively promote, encourage and foster a greater understanding, awareness and ownership of Health & Safety issues amongst the members other interested parties and the general public.
  12. Develop links with the media and Industry publications to promote Health, Safety and Welfare as well as the wider objectives of the Association.

Committee members

Health and Safety  
Aaron Currie Acheson & Glover Ltd
Anthony Moran Cemex (NI)
Nigel Wilson Creagh Concrete Products Ltd
Bob McHenry Lagan Group
Brendan O'Neill Quinn Group
Brian Goodfellow On behalf of John McQuillan Contracts
Brian Og Mullan B Mullan & Sons
Craig Chisholm Northstone (NI) Q&A
David Johnston Jabez Safety Solutions
Jim Leitch Northstone (NI)
John Collins P Clarke & Sons
Malcolm Downey HSENI
Michael Purkess FP McCann
Russell Drew Whitemountian Quarries Ltd
Stephen Horner Tarmac NI Ltd
Uel Parr Norman Emerson Group



Work with relevant organisations and individuals to highlight improved industry performance in order to reduce employer liability.

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