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Human Resources Group

The Human Resources Group remit is to co-ordinate efforts to improve recruitment and retention of people into our industry. The QPANI work within the Proskills Sector Skills Council in Northern Ireland. Proskillls is the Sector Skills Council for the Manufacturing and Process industries throughout the UK. The Human Resources group co-ordinates its work with Proskills and other bodies such as Invest NI, Association of Northern Ireland Colleges, Universities and other interested groups to promote the quarry products industry as an excellent career opportunity and a key essential industry.

The HR group has assisted greatly in developing relationships with the educational establishment and promoting the wide range of career opportunities available in our Industry. Next month will see the launch of the new QPA Careers website and the Association is also facilitating the formation of cluster groups around the new 6 college bodies. These groups will enable members to work with their local colleges in promoting careers within the industry and developing close relationships and raising the profile of the local industry.

Committee Members

Human Resources  
Alan Blair ANIC
Barbara Darragh P Bradley Ltd
Caroline McCaffrey Quinn Group
Jill Corry Cemex NI
Julie Irwin Northstone NI Q&A
Lorna McMullan Creagh Concrete
Mairaed Corr P Clarke & Sons
Shauna McElhone Creagh Concrete
Sinead McGlone Whitemountian Quarries Ltd
Yvonne McCorriston B Mullan & Sons
Roger Gilpin Key Consulting Group



Encourage and support arrangement of college visits to quarries, particularly for construction related students.

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