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Key Issues
  Objectives and key performance indicators  

Readymixed Concrete

  1. Promote the recognition of competence through qualifications and training within the concrete sector in Northern Ireland.
  2. Promote the use of quality assured concrete within Northern Ireland construction projects and highlight the benefits of concrete to relevant public and private sector organisations in Northern Ireland.
  3. Work to reduce the environmental impact of members on water courses.
  4. Issue guidance to members on impending legislation and standards both national and European.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Annual material usage.

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Tool Box Talk: Sustainable Concrete: NB this has now been moved to the main MPA Members website


QPANI has established a Concrete Development Group with the sole aim of promoting the use of Concrete and making it the construction material of choice through its Concrete Built IS Better Built initiative.... click below to see how...

Concrete Built IS Better Built


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