Quarry Products Association of Northern Ireland
  Useful website addresses  



NetRegs "Environmental Regulations Online" : www.netregs.gov.uk

The Business & Biodiversity Resource Centre: www.businessandbiodiversity.org

Mineral and Nature Conservation Forum: www.mineralsandnature.org.uk

Mineral Extraction and Biodiversity: www.mineralbap.com

Good Quarry: www.goodquarry.com

Northern Ireland Environment Agency: www.ni-environment.gov.uk

Countdown to save Biodiversity: www.countdown2010.net

Biodiversity Northern Ireland: www.biodiversityni.com

Priority Species in Northern Ireland: www.habitas.org.uk/priority/

Convention on Biological Diversity: www.biodiv.org/doc/legal/cbd-en.pdf

UK Biodiversity Action Plan: www.ukbap.org.uk

Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS): www.ukbap-reporting.org.uk

National Biodiversity Network: www.nbn.org.uk

Geological Survey of Northern Ireland: www.bgs.ac.uk./gsni/

Geology of Northern Ireland: www.geographyinaction.co.uk

Geological Sites of Northern Ireland: www.habitas.org.uk/escr/

WRAP: www.wrap.org.uk

Aggregain: www.aggregain.org.uk


Government Offices

The Northern Ireland Executive: www.nics.gov.uk

Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister: www.ofmdfmni.gov.uk

Agriculture & Rural Development: www.dardni.gov.uk

Culture, Arts & Leisure: www.dcalni.gov.uk

Education: www.deni.gov.uk

Employment & Learning: www.delni.gov.uk

Enterprise, Trade & Investment: www.detini.gov.uk

Environment: www.doeni.gov.uk

Finance and Personnel: www.dfpni.gov.uk

Health, Social Services and Public Safety: www.dhsspsni.gov.uk

Regional Development: www.drdni.gov.uk

Social Development: www.dsdni.gov.uk

Planning Service NI: www.planningni.gov.uk

Roads Service: www.roadsni.gov.uk

Planning Appeals Commission: www.pacni.gov.uk

Traffic Watch NI: www.trafficwatchni.com

Association of Northern Ireland Colleges: www.anic.ac.uk

Confederation of British Industry (CBI): www.cbi.org.uk

Construction Employers Federation: www.cefni.co.uk

Federation of Small Businesses: www.fsb.org.uk

Freight Transport Association: www.fta.co.uk

Institute of Directors: www.iod.com

Construction Industry Group: www.cigni.org

Northern Ireland Safety Group: www.nisg.org.uk

Constructing Excellence: www.constructingexcellence.ulster.ac.uk

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