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  Northern Ireland Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs)  

Our Nature with Aggregates seeks to assist the industry in optimising biodiversity and geodiversity opportunities on aggregates sites in Northern Ireland.

QPANI endeavers to assist local biodiversity targets and actions by working in partnership with our biodiversity colleagues with in Government, Local Authorities and Conservation Organisations.

Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) have been developed throughout the UK (UKBAP website) which aim to conserve biodiversity through local partnerships, taking into account both national and local priorities. LBAPs involve local people and local organisations through the practical delivery of biodiversity conservation.

In Northern Ireland, Local Biodiversity Action Plans are currently being written for several Coucnil and Landscape areas, through the employment of local Biodiversity Officers. The emphasis is on the local aspect; targeting habitats and species that are important or most threatened within that area. Find out more about local biodiversity priorities in your area by viewing the published document or contacting the Biodiversity Officer. QPANI's Biodiversity Officer will assist member companies in developing local partnerships and projects.

Northern Ireland LBAP Documents and Contacts:

Click to download Antrim Borough Biodiversity Action Plan.

Antrim Biodiversity Action Plan

Ruth Wilson

Antrim Borough Council

Antrim Civic Centre

50 Stiles Way

Antrim BT41 2UB

Tel: 028 9446 3113

Email: ruth.wilson@antrim.gov.uk

Website: Antrim Biodiversity

Click to download Banbridge District Biodiversity Action Plan Document.

Banbridge Biodiversity Action Plan

Position Vacant

Banbridge District Council

Civic Building

Downshire Road

Banbridge BT32 3JY

Tel: 028 4062 5101

Website: Banbridge Biodiversity

    Click to download the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Belfast.

Belfast Biodiversity Action Plan

Orla Maguire

Belfast City Council

Parks and Leisure Department

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Upper Malone Road

Belfast BT17 9LA

Tel: 028 9032 0202

Email: biodiversity@belfast.gov.uk

Website: Belfast Biodiversity

Click here to download the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Coleraine Borough Council.

Coleraine Biodiversity Action Plan

Emma McLaughlin

Coleraine Borough Council

Technical Services, Cloonavin

66 Portstewart Road

Coleraine BT52 1EY

Tel: 028 7034 7272


Website: Coleraine Biodiversity

Click to download Craigavon Borough Council's LBAP Document

Craigavon Biodiversity Action Plan

Marcus Malley

Craigavon Borough Council

Lough Neagh Discovery Centre

Oxford Island


Craigavon BT66 6NJ

Tel: 028 383 11672

Email: marcus.malley@craigavon.gov.uk

Website: Craigavon Biodiversity

         LBAP Document will be published in 2008, please contact the local Biodiversity Officer for more information.

Derry City Biodiversity Action Plan

Annie Mullan

Derry City Council

City Engineer's Dept

Council Offices

98 Strand Road

Derry BT48 7NN

Tel: 028 71365151


Website: Derry Biodiversity

LBAP Document will be published in 2008, please contact local Biodiversity Officer for more information.

Fermanagh Biodiversity Action Plan

Emma McLaughlin

Fermanagh District Council


Enniskillen BT74 7BA

Tel: 028 6632 5050

Email: emma.mclaughlin2@ulsterwildlifetrust.org

Website: Fermanagh Biodiversity


Click here to download the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Larne.

A LBAP is currently being undertaken for Moyle District Council, please contact the local Biodiversity Officer for more information.

Larne & Moyle Biodiversity Action Plan

Rose Muir

Larne & Moyle Councils

Smiley Buildings

Victoria Road

Larne BT40 1RU

Tel: 028 2827 2313

Email: muirr@larne.gov.uk

Website: Larne Biodiversity

Click to download Lough Neagh Wetlands LBAP Poster. Go to website to download the full LBAP document.

Lough Neagh Wetlands Biodiversity Action Plan

Seamus Burns

Lough Neagh Advisory Committee

Sperrin House

43 Queens Avenue

Magherafelt BT45 6BX

Tel: 028 7930 1289

Email: seamus@lnlb.org.uk

Website: Biodiversity Lough Neagh Wetlands

Click to download Mourne Heritage Trust LBAP Document.

Mourne Biodiversity Action Plan

Catherine Bertrand

Mourne Heritage Trust

87 Central Promenade

Newcastle BT33 0HH

Tel: 028 4372 4069

Email: catherine.bertrand@mourne.co.uk

Website: Mourne Biodiversity

LBAP is not published yet, please contact local Biodiversity Officer for more information.

Newry and Mourne Biodiversity Action Plan

Danielle Cookson

Newry & Mourne Council

O'Hagan House

Monaghan Row

Newry BT34 8DJ

Tel: 028 3031 3100

Email: danielle.cookson@newryandmourne.gov.uk

Website: Newry and Mourne Biodiversity

Click to download Newtownabbey LBAP Document

Newtownabbey Biodiversity Action Plan

Lindsay Matthews

Newtownabbey Borough Council

Mossley Mill

Newtownabbey BT36 5QA

Tel: 028 9034 0069

Email: lmatthews@newtownabbey.gov.uk

Website: Newtownabbey Biodiversity

Click to download Omagh District Council UWT Biodiversity Action Plan document.

Omagh Biodiversity Action Plan

Julie Corry

Omagh District Council

Lisnamallard House

Old Mountfield Road

Omagh BT79 7EG

Tel: 028 82256202

Email: julie.corry@ulsterwildlifetrust.org

Website: Omagh Biodiversity

LBAP is not published yet, please contact local Biodiversity Officer for more information.

Dungannon and South Tyrone Biodiversity Action Plan

Mark Edgar

Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council

Council Offices

Circular Road

Dungannon BT71 6DT

Tel: 028 87720336

Email: mark.edgar@dungannon.gov.uk

Website: Dungannon & South Tyrone Biodiversity


    Translink, in partnership with the Ulster Wildlife Trust, have taken a positive and proactive approach to delievering a BAP, for more information contact their Biodiversity Officer.


Translink Biodiversity Project

Rose Cremin

Translink Biodiversity Officer

Ulster Wildlife Trust

3 New Line

Crossgar BT30 9EP

Tel: 028 44830282

Email: rose.cremin@ulsterwildlifetrust.org

Website: Translink Biodiversity



Our Nature with Aggregates Strategy focuses on the themes of Awareness, Action, Involvement and Partnership to conserve and enhance our biodiversity and geodiversity.

            Our Nature with Aggregates Strategy (click to download)

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